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What causes hormonal imbalance?

Obesity is a symptom, not the cause. Part – 4: Hormonal Imbalance

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The last post covered the relationship between hormonal imbalances, obesity, ED, and PCOD.

So why do these hormones get imbalanced?

There are many factors that may cause hormonal imbalances as shown below:

Factors causing hormonal imbalances
Factors causing hormonal imbalances

There is a bi-directional relationship between these factors and hormonal imbalances. For example, your sleep quality determines the balance status of many hormones. When these hormones get disturbed, your sleep will worsen, which will lead to further hormonal imbalance.

Reasons behind hormonal imbalances

Before I talk about the reasons behind hormonal imbalances, let me share a theory. I call it vessel theory.

Let’s say there are 7 vessels, one on top of the other. The smallest one is on top and the largest one is at the bottom. Now, we start pouring water into vessel 1. Soon vessel 1 will overflow, and the water will start collecting into vessel no. 2, then no. 3 and then finally no. 7 will begin overflowing. The tap remains on.

If you were to keep vessel number 5 empty & dry using a small bowl and a towel. You may also switch off the hidden water tap if you can find it.

What will you do?

  1. Use the towel and bowl for vessel no. 5
  2. Spend time searching for the hidden tap and shut it off.

It’s a no-brainer that you would choose No. 2.

What if I tell you that these 7 vessels represent the 7 levels of hormone treatment?

The 18 hormonal imbalances that contribute to obesity are distributed in these 7 levels.

Vessel theory of hormonal imbalances.
Vessel theory of hormonal imbalances.

Insulin is in these levels somewhere and so is Dopamine.
The 5th level is for the thyroid hormone, which means that 4 levels of imbalances occur before causing the thyroid to start getting low.

I chose vessel number 5 in the above analogy to show that when someone has hypothyroidism (vessel 5 overflowing) instead of closing the tap and working on levels 1 – 4 (working on the reason for this imbalance) they are put on thyroid medicines for their entire life (Emptying and wiping the vessel forever).

Unless you stop the water from entering the 1st vessel, you will not be able to resolve the hormonal imbalances you might be having.

In the next post, I will talk about some of the main root causes of hormonal imbalances like chronic inflammation.

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